Why Opening Up Is Riskier Than Bottling Up

It’s often easier to keep a lid on

As we begin to open up… As some countries, some states, some counties, some municipalities, some businesses and some minds begin to open up, let me open up about what I don’t know whether to keep bottled up.

As you know, nonsense at work causes the nonsense at work. Like the Yo-Yo decisions on flexi or in-flexi jobs. And the unnecessary confusion as to who at work has the real power to pick who works from where.

Should I open up and admit that nonsense at work does not really annoy me? Because, like some people you know at work, I benefit from the nonsense at work.

(Now that I see it in stark black and white print, maybe I should keep the last part bottled up. But it really is exciting to see such an up-tick in nonsense at work.)

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When Abuse of the P Word Spoils It for Adults

I was made for working from home. (free public domain: clipart-people.com)

We are quick to get angry when CEOs abuse their power and rightly so. But I get even angrier when employees abuse privileges.

It’s not easy being a CEO. There is a dark side that others don’t always appreciate. It is the burden of decision making. When you are unsure of what to do, you ask your boss. Or your boss’ boss. Ultimately, this delegating upwards ends with the CEO. That’s why it’s lonely at the top.

I work with two CEOs who are feeling a bit lonely. Both have designed their organizations to be flatter, with fewer rules and more freedom. And yet, both have a few of employees who are abusing these privileges, mainly by slacking off.

Both CEOs now feel that they have failed for not being tough enough.

That’s when I get really angry, when a couple of lazy, immature employees see fit to poison the workplace of adults.

Solutions Searching for Problems Create Nonsense at Work

Problem? What problem? Read my solution again. (free public domain: clipart-people.com)

Do you know what I find annoying? Those people who go about thinking that all problems are opportunities in disguise. And do you know what I find really annoying? People who encourage them in the name of personal growth or whatever.

Admit it, you find them equally annoying. And here’s why, wonderfully described by one of my (whistleblower?) readers. “I work in an organization where people have solutions and go in search of problems. Where a problem doesn’t exist, they apply their designer talents to create one. In this way they are in a position to demonstrate their talents and merit selection for the increasingly rare opportunities for promotion.”

Do you have one of those at work? If so, be thankful. Why? Because they create the nonsense that you and I get paid to fix.

And what if you recognize yourself in that description? Well done! It means you are finally on the road to recovery.

Why Coaches and Consultants Love the Rude and Insensitive

The customer is always right? Says who? (free public domain: clipart-people.com)

Please allow me to thank all rude employees, insensitive bosses and over demanding customers everywhere. Thank you for creating and sustaining an industry that has ensured employment to many a management consultant, organization development specialist and behavior coach.

And then there’s little old me. Where would the Chief Nonsense Officer be without all the nonsense flowing from rudeness, insensitivity, and plain incompetence in managing human interactions? Without a reason for being, that’s where.

Actually, not quite. I work with a few enlightened managers who believe in prevention. They understand that our parenting and schooling have failed to ingrain in us the wisdom that mutual respect is critical to healthy societies and flourishing economies.

Them I thank warmly for maintaining the balance, no, for trying to tip the scale in the right direction.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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Don’t forget your favorite non-profit. Click here to email them the special offer with your complements.

Originally published at https://nonsenseatwork.com on June 22, 2021.



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