Managers Must Minimize Bad Potatoes

The waitress was not bad. However, her behavior probably was. (free public domain:

Herewith a festive true story. Once upon a holiday season a waitress struggles to juggle her many customers crowded into a sports bar restaurant. One patron is particularly unsporting and sings a constant “Miss! Miss!” refrain. The waitress maintains her composure with a polite “I will be there in a moment, sir.”

When she finally catches her breath at his table, the customer complains, “Miss, this potato is bad.” The waitress picks up his fork and smacks the potato while saying sternly, “Bad, bad potato.” She then walks out of the restaurant, never to be seen again.

The moral of the story is vegetable, animal and mineral. The potato could have been bad because it was a vegetable. The waitress, being animal, was not bad. However, her behavior probably was.

As for mineral, managers should always minimize bad potatoes to prevent the fizz going out of getting work done well.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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James McIntosh

James McIntosh


Born in RSA winelands. Earned 3 degrees drinking red wine. Chased by lioness, ran with elephants, got bored, moved to USA seeking adventure. Ex-CEO now coach.