Boost Cognition, Cacophony and Cheating

Believe Differently To Create Insight

A long, long time ago two shoe-salesmen went to Africa. (Yes…

Struggle easier is the wise lesson to learn from your mistakes

It’s often easier to keep a lid on

And the Ones We Don’t

Live Life the Way You Plan Vacations

Is this my planned life or my unplanned vacation? (free public domain:

By asking better questions

Share what you know or be isolated again

Or you’ll face the wrong problem as you back into the future

Or zoom out of your job

Feel compelled to meet. Or not.

Just another typical, boring meeting. (free public domain:

…Flip a Coin

Mother Earth will deal with you later

How To Deal With Mother-Stress

Mothers can but dream. (free public domain:

James McIntosh

Born in RSA winelands. Earned 3 degrees drinking red wine. Chased by lioness, ran with elephants, got bored, moved to USA seeking adventure. Ex-CEO now coach.

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